Research projects

Research projects financed by the Ministry of University and Research

  • Economics of Aging in Europe – in collaboration with the Universities of Venice, Bologna, Milan and Rome Tor Vergata and with the Centre for Financial Studies of Frankfurt. PI: Tullio Jappelli (
  • Robust decision making in markets and organizations – in collaboration with researchers at Napoli Parthenope, Udine, Roma la Sapienza, Salamanca, Iowa and Bielefeld. PI: Maria Gabriella Graziano (
  • Finance and Labour – in collaboration with researchers at Indiana University, New York University, London Business School. PI: Marco Pagano (

Projects financed by the EU

  • MOPACT, Mobilising the potential of active ageing in Europe  (
  • Finance and Labor (

Other research projects

  • Equilibrium with ambiguity funded by Compagnia di San Paolo, includes researchers from the University of Naples "Federico II", Parthenope, University of Vigo, University of Porto.  PI: Marialaura Pesce (
  • Social interactions and illegal behaviour, funded by Compagnia di San Paolo, includes researchers from the the Universities of Naples "Federico II", Bergamo; CNRS and Science Po, Paris; Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. PI: Francesco Flaviano Russo (
  • Bidders' Collusion and Implicit Coordination in Auctions and Market Mechanisms, funded by MIUR - FIRB. PI: Marco Pagnozzi (
  • Rete Innovativa di Collaborazione dell'Artigianato Artistico in Campania RICARart Campania, progetto PON. PI: Antonio Acconcia (
  • Social Network delle Entità dei Centri Storici SNECS, PON project. Coordinator:   Massimo Marrelli (
  • Una valutazione dell'efficienza nell'insegnamento presso la scuola primaria italiana. PON project with the University of Foggia. Principal Investigator: Ornella Maietta (
  • I giovani contano nelle decisioni su salute e ambiente (GIOCONDA), a joint project with the Institute of clinical physiology, Pisa, Coordinator: Tullio Jappelli (