The Naples Ph.D. in Economics is a 4-year program offered by the Department of Economics and Statistics (DISES) of the University of Naples Federico II that aims to produce high quality researchers with strong analytical skills and international exposure. In 2021 six students have been admitted to the program. All of them have been offered scholarships (two of which reserved for non -italian students).
The first 2 years are devoted to course work, and the last 2 to dissertation work. Each course is followed by an exam, and good performance in each year's exams is a pre-requisite for admission to the subsequent year. The program is structured as follows: 
Year-1 is devoted to developing a strong foundation in quantitative methods and in economics, via advanced courses in mathematics, statistics, microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. The course schedule from October to April is divided in 5 terms of 5 weeks each, followed by exams. In June, students will produce a term paper and attend short field courses taught by international visitors.
Year 2 comprises:
  • a semester of study in a non-Italian host university, including Harvard, Indiana, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Montreal and Stanford in America, Essex and UCL in Great Britain, and Amsterdam, Bielefeld, EHESS, Essex, Nova, Louvain, Mannheim, Paris 1, and UPF in Europe. The allocation of students across these universities will depend on their year-1 performance and research interests, as well as on approval by the host university;
  • a semester of field courses and reading seminars to help students identify their field(s) of interest and potential advisors.
The last two years will be devoted to thesis writing under the supervision of faculty members, possibly in collaboration with an external advisor. By the beginning of year 3, each student will submit a "thesis proposal", which should include a first complete draft of a research paper. 
Besides doctoral work, students will provide part-time assistance in research projects and/or teaching activities. This is meant to be an integral part of their training, as it will help them hone their teaching and research skills.
Faculty: The diversity of research areas covered by the faculty allows students to write their thesis in several fields of economics and finance.  Doctoral students are exposed to a vibrant research environment, by participating to the weekly seminars organized by CSEF, and interacting with its Research Fellows as well as the international visitors frequently present at CSEF.
For further information about the Ph.D. program structure, please consult the NSE website: www.nse-unina.it


The selection of students is based on the assessment of the students' background, research potential and an interview.
Applicants are required to have completed a M.Sc. in Economics and/or Finance with a strong quantitative orientation, preferably entirely English-taught (or to complete it by 31 October 2022).  Also candidates with a M.Sc. in Mathematics, Physics or Engineering may apply.
Candidates should be fluent in written and spoken English. Although language certifications are not required, they will be considered by the admission committee together with other credentials. 
Full details on the application requirements and procedure can be found at the following link:
Admission results July 2022:


Full details on the program requirements can be found at the following link: NPDE Admission and scholarships.



Research Interest



Admission November 2018



Raffaele Mattera

Financial Econometrics

Giovanni Walter Puopolo

Chiara Scarfato

Development Economics

Sergio Beraldo

Emmanuele Caiazzo

Banking and Insurance Economics

Alberto Zazzaro

Michela Collaro

Health Economics

Sergio Beraldo


Admission November 2019



Antonia Pacelli

Environmental economics and sustainable development

Carla Guerriero

Ettore Savoia

Empirical Banking

Alberto Zazzaro

Elham Daadmehr

Empirical Finance

Giovanni Walter Puopolo


Admission November 2020



Carmine Russo

Climate risks in financial markets

Lorenzo Pandolfi

Corinna De Leo

Applied Microeconomics:labor economics, migration, education, gender economics

Annalisa Scognamiglio

Federica Ambrosio

Applied Microeconomics: public policy evaluation, human capita accumulation

Roberto Nisticò

Luca Denis Nota

Fiscal policy, Public Investment effects on firm performance

Saverio Simonelli


Admission November 2021



Agostino Gnasso

To be defined

To be defined

Andrei Belykh

To be defined

To be defined

Antonio Genovese

To be defined

To be defined

Kristjan Markovc

To be defined

To be defined

Nicol Barbieri

To be defined

To be defined

Simone Zuccolalà

To be defined

To be defined



PhD Program Director:
  • Prof. Marco Pagano
  • tel: 081-675306
  • Email: marco.pagano@unina.it
PhD Secretary:
  • Ms Micol Sorrentino
  • tel: 081-675309
  • Email: phd.dises@unina.it
International Office at the University of Naples Federico II

PhD committee: