Call for applicants - Scholarship Programme

The Department of Economics and Statistics (DiSES), within the Program "Dipartimenti di Eccellenza", offers scholarships for graduate students who enrol for the next academic year 2021-22 in one of the following 2-year Master programmes offered by the Department: 
  • Laurea Magistrale in Economics and Finance "LMEF" – entirely taught in English 
  • Laurea Magistrale in Economia e Commercio "LMEC" 
  • Laurea Magistrale in Finanza 
Three types of scholarships will be awarded: 
  • Two-year scholarships up to 7.000€ for foreign students (Type A); 
  • Two-year scholarships up to 4.000€ for students who obtain their undergraduate degree from a university outside the Campania Region (Type B); 
  • One-year scholarships up to 4.000€ for foreign students participating in a Double Degree Program with the University of Naples Federico II (Type C).
Requirements and Admission Procedure
Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree or equivalent and have a solid undergraduate training in economics and/or quantitative subjects. In order to enrol in LMEF, applicants must also have a good command of the English language. 
Applications must be emailed to and together with the following documents in a pdf file (preferably, a single file): 
  1. Application form
  2. Curriculum Vitae; 
  3. Official transcript of his/her undergraduate degree, displaying the final grade (if applicable), the list of exams taken and their grades. If the applicant has not yet graduated, he/she must send a statement that the official transcript and its translation will be provided by October 31st 2020; 
  4. For applicants to LMEF, a certificate of good working knowledge of written and spoken English (TOEFL, First Cambridge Certificate, Proficiency in English, IELTS or equivalent). Alternatively, applicants must provide a personal declaration that they will be able to attend courses in English and will be contacted for an interview; 
  5. Statement of purpose (one page, no more than 2.000 characters); 
  6. Passport scan. 
Applicants must also provide a reference letter by a professor from the applicant's university, that must be sent by the letter writer to
APPLICATION DEADLINE IS JUNE 15, 2021, AT 12.00 (Italian Time)